Comfort Softball

After battling the sun and wind last year I decided to do the softball individual photos in the dugout.  And one gorgeous lady wanted to do the shoot-through-the-fence pose, which turned out awesome!9X5A29669X5A29759X5A29269X5A29559X5A29599X5A29919X5A2985

Comfort Golf

It was crazy windy with uneven terrain so I couldn’t use my mega flashes (Paul Buff White Lightenings) and had to stick with speedlights.  Oh, well.  The golf team is on to State. Good job, guys!9X5A28959X5A29089X5A28709X5A28869X5A28659X5A28699X5A28489X5A2852-Edit9X5A2861

Our Birds

I’ve been meaning to take photos of our new flock for a while, but foot and back issues stood in my way.  A little back story- a neighbor’s dogs killed 42 of our birds 5 months ago.  2 hens survived because they were broody in an upper laying box.  Although it was horrible to see to lose these birds, I did enjoy picking out different breeds of chicks and ‘designing’ our new flock. We got Buff Orpingtons, Polish, Leghorn, Barred Plymouth Rock, Americauna, Faverolle, Brahma, and Guinea foul. Here are a few so you can see their cuteness 🙂