Sweet Ferdi

This cute little girl is Ferdi, along with her mom and her buddies.  This sweetheart is sick and they don’t know how much time they have left together.  Thank you for letting me share these moments from your everyday life together.


Comfort Tennis

Here are a few photos from a quick shoot of the Comfort Tennis Team before they started their tournament. We couldn’t use the court but found this nice shady area down the road.


Our Birds

I’ve been meaning to take photos of our new flock for a while, but foot and back issues stood in my way.  A little back story- a neighbor’s dogs killed 42 of our birds 5 months ago.  2 hens survived because they were broody in an upper laying box.  Although it was horrible to see to lose these birds, I did enjoy picking out different breeds of chicks and ‘designing’ our new flock. We got Buff Orpingtons, Polish, Leghorn, Barred Plymouth Rock, Americauna, Faverolle, Brahma, and Guinea foul. Here are a few so you can see their cuteness 🙂